My group has a great interest in 2-dimensional materials, in particular, graphene, MoS2, and other atomically thin objects. Graphene, a single sheet of graphite, is only one atom-thick, but can be as large as hundreds of micron across. You may consider graphene as a gigantically conjugated aromatic molecule. Since its first isolation from graphite in 2004, scientists have made various exciting observations (see an essay or a more academic review written by one of the 2010 Nobel laureates in Physics). For example, graphene is tougher than steel and mostly immune to various chemical attacks despite its atomic thickness . While it conducts heat and electricity very well, graphene is highly transparent. Owing to its many attractive properties, graphene holds a great promise in future applications such as electronics, transparent electrodes/display, and smart nanocomposites. 

Our immediate goal is to develop various chemical tools to manipulate the properties of graphene and characterize the change by spectroscopic and SPM (scanning probe microscopy) tools. My group is also seeking new properties of other 2-dimensional materials which may lead to exciting applications. 

See the Research section for the details.

대학원생 모집: 
2차원을 비롯한 저차원 물질의 레이저 분광학 연구에 뜻이 있는 석사박사 및 통합프로그램 신입생을 모집합니다자세한 내용은 "Research" 페이지를 참조하거나 류순민 교수에게 문의하기 바랍니다 [연락처]

연구참여 학부생 인턴 모집: 
여름 및 겨울방학 또는 학기 중에 연구실 경험을 하고자 하는 학부생을 모집합니다. 타교 학생들을 위한 하계(7월) 및 동계(1월) 연구참여 프로그램도 있으니 전화, 이메일 또는 연구실 방문을 통해서 확인하기 바랍니다. [연락처] 

Positions available for prospective PhD & MS students: 
My group focuses on high impact research. For those who are interested in the graduate program, please contact Sunmin Ryu. Applicants from foreign countries will also be strongly considered. [contact]

For undergraduate students: 
My group can bring you fun scientific experience this summer and winter. You can work together with the other group members in solving various scientific problems. If you are interested, please contact me. [contact]

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